Thursday, June 16, 2011

Real-Time Shopping on Google Maps

Net-a-Porter Live

Online fashion shop Net-a-Porter has created a real-time Google Map showing the location of every purchase that is being made on the website live.

Every time someone on Net-a-Porter adds an item to their shopping bag or shares it with a friend the item is shown on a Google Map at the location of the customer. The item is also displayed in the map sidebar with a brief description and its price. If you like the look of the purchased item you can of course select the 'shop and share' button to buy it yourself.

Zappos Map

Zappos, the online shoes retailer, created the first real-time shopping map, where orders placed on a website are mapped to the location the order is being shipped to, in real-time.

Zappos uses photographs of the product being brought as the map marker. If you click on the photograph then you are taken to the web page for that product (and Zappos presumably hope you will be tempted to buy the product yourself).

ThisNext Google Map

ThisNext is another online retailer showing geo-tagged real-time purchases live on a Google Map.

The map animates between the latest purchases made through the ThisNext site. Each information window displayed shows the location of the shopper and a picture of the product purchased. The window, of course, also displays a link to that product's web page, so if you see anything you like you can buy the product yourself.

The Book Depository Live

If you are interested in what books people are buying at this very moment then this map is for you. The Book Depository Live map shows the latest purchases made from the online book store.

The map shows the latest orders placed with the store in real-time. The location of the purchaser is shown with a map marker that also displays a thumbnail of the purchased book. If you like the look of any of the displayed books click on the thumbnail or link and purchase it from The Book Depository.


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