Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Europe's Summer Festivals on Google Maps

Festival Searcher

Festival Searcher is your Google Maps guide to all of the music festivals taking place in Europe this summer.

The map markers are colour-coded by month so that you can get a quick overview of what festival is taking place when. I assume the size of the markers relates to the size of the festival displayed.

Telerama's French Summer Festival Guide

Télérama has produced a Google Maps guide to over 800 festivals taking place in France this summer. As well as being able to view the locations of all the festivals on Google Maps there is a comprehensive guide with detailed previews.

It is possible to search the map by location, type of music and by date. It is also possible to get driving directions to any of the festivals and to view Street Views of locations.

Scotland Interactive Festivals Map

Creative Scotland are using Google Maps to show over 280 festivals happening in Scotland this summer.

It is possible to refine the festivals shown on the map by selecting a month from a drop-down menu. If you click on a map marker you can get more details about the festival at that location.


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Happy Mapper said...

That map is quite nice - I like the month by month colour coding. Here at we wanted to just get them all up there, so you can see a whole year in review, but we might well add some more month by month features.

BTW Thanks Google Maps Mania, your site has been a lot of inspiration to us, there's just something we love about mapping and technology :)