Sunday, June 12, 2011

Google Maps of the Week

Toronto is Trending

Toronto is Trending has a really cool welcome screen and a cool Google Map as well. On first entering the Toronto is Trending website you are presented with a full-screen video of Toronto. Twitter speech bubbles then appear above some of the moving pedestrians in the video and follow them down the street.

If you switch to the 'map view' you can see the latest Tweets and check-ins made in Toronto on a Google Map view of the city. The map also displays a number of hotel, ticket and package deals.

Find HIV / AIDS Prevention & Service Providers

There is nothing particularly new or exciting about this Google Map but it does a very important job very well.

The map automatically detects your location and displays the nearest HIV/AIDS prevention and service providers within 5 miles. You can also change your address or the distance of the search radius you wish to search within.


There are a lot of upcoming events maps, so if a new one wants to make a mark it has to be good. ShowHopping is.

ShowHopping uses Google Maps to help you find upcoming gigs and shows listed on To find out what is on in your town you just need to enter your location and the dates that are you are interested in.

The results of your search are displayed on the map and also listed in a slide-out sidebar. The list view sorts the results by venue and by date.


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info said...

A cool implementation can also be found at

It can actually plot 25.000+ holiday homes on the map of Europe. Because that ain't usefull, you have to zoom first ;)

It's an example of how to plot lot's of places on the map. It's using tiles and with ajax the coordinates on the map are sent to the user's browser. Next the x/y-axis will be checked if the user goes over an "marker".

This way 1000+ items can be shown with tiles and just 1 marker will be used for speed.