Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The World's Architecture on Google Maps


ArchMaps is a Spanish language site that uses Google Maps and Street View to show the locations of great works of architecture.

ArchMaps has a very useful tagging system so that you can search for buildings by the name of the architect, by location, by date and by architectural style. Each building listed on ArchMaps can be viewed on Google Maps and, where available, can also be viewed in Street View.

World Architecture Map (WAM)

The World Architecture Map is a database of architectural information that uses Google Maps to show the locations of architectural interesting buildings around the world. It is possible to search for buildings on WAM by location, building type, architectural style or by tags.

Searching by location it is possible to view architectural maps for individual cities or by country. If you click on a building's map marker you can click through to a dedicated page about the building containing information, links and Flickr photographs.


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