Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Australian Postcodes on Google Maps

Postcode Finder is a great application that shows Australia's postcodes on a Google Map. Using Postcade Finder a postcode search can be performed as either a text search or as a geographic query with a simple click on the map.

All Things Spatial has a nice post about the latest version of Postcode Finder. The post explains the choice of using Fusion Tables to create the application rather than a Web Map Service (WMS), and looks at the positive and negative outcomes of this choice.

Postcode Finder



Anonymous said...

It's easy to find post office when you have the correct postal code for that area. Post code finder is a tool that help people to find the postcode for that a city. Wonderful!

Postcodes said...

Great tool! We have some other postcode tools available including the distance between two points and distance between surrounding postcodes. With your Postcode Finder service and these tools we cover all of Australia!