Sunday, August 07, 2011

Where Street View Fears to Tread

There are still quite a lot of gaps in Street View's coverage around the world. Luckily a number of other providers have created their own Google Maps based Street View applications to try and plug these gaps.

China - with City8

In China City8 have created extensive interactive 360 degree panoramas in 45 of the country's biggest cities.


As well as providing Street View type imagery in the USA, Canada, Singapore and Sweden Mapjack has also ventured where Google Street View has so far feared to tread. MapJack has great coverage in Malaysia, Thailand and Puerto Rico.


Norc has great coverage in central and eastern Europe, including in Poland and Austria, where Google's Street View cars have yet to drive.



zeno said...

There is actually one in Russia also -

Go to map of Russia and press "Панорамы". Places where panoramas exist will highlight in blue.

Keir Clarke said...

Yandex is a good one - but I was going for only those that use the Google Maps API ;)