Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trip Planning with Google Maps

Tripomatic can help you create a personalised trip itinerary for a number of major destinations in Europe.

Creating an itinerary with Tripomatic is incredibly simple. Each destination includes a Google Map featuring the city's attractions, places to eat and hotels. You can select to view a number of categories to view on the map.

Clicking on an attraction's map marker will open an information window with details about the attraction. If you want to visit the attraction you simply add it to your personal trip itinerary. Once you think you have enough attractions for one day you can simply add another day to your itinerary.

After you have completed your itinerary Tripomatic will devise a Google Map for each day of your trip, that includes all of your selected destinations. Your personal itinerary guide includes your map and details about all of your selected attractions presented in an easily printable form.

All you need to do then is print out your personal guide and pack your bags. Simple


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