Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday Fun with Google Maps

Google Maps Real Mode is Now Enabled


Artist Lisa Fulton often uses Google Maps as the inspiration for her paintings. Her work transforms the mundane highway and freeway intersections found on Google Maps into colourful and beautiful abstract works of art.

Google on Street View

By some quirk of fate the Street View car always seems to pass Google Offices just at the moment that all the employees are gathering outside.

Google Australia

Google, USA

Google, Ireland



mucbarney said...

Google Munich:,11.577181&spn=0.000795,0.00327&z=19&layer=c&cbll=48.138624,11.577181&panoid=cj8Y3pitBq7OSpKGIx6i-Q&cbp=13,92.16,,0,0.22

Anonymous said...

Love the map artwork!