Thursday, August 11, 2011

Easy Riding on Google Maps

Motorcycle Roads

Motorcycle Roads is a community driven guide to great motorcycle rides in America. Each of the great motorbike rides is accompanied by a Google Map of the ride's route.

Each mapped route includes details about the ride's length, road quality and roadside amenities. The scenery, road quality and amenities are each rated by the route's submitter and include written details.

Sunday Morning Rides

Sunday Morning Rides has used Google Maps to map over 1,500 great motorbike rides throughout the USA.

You can search for rides by state and view each ride on its own map. Each route comes with an interactive elevation chart, which, if you mouseover, shows the Street View for that location.

Motorcycle Network
Motorcycle Network is a directory of everything to do with motorcycles in Australia. The site uses Google Maps to show all the parking spots in the major cities and also show all the motorcycle and scooter dealers, mechanics and gear shops, as well as all the training facilities, tours, insurance and hire places around Australia.

Mr Zip66's Easy Rider Map
Denis Hopper's Easy Rider is to many the seminal counter-culture movie of the 1960's. Some of us may never get the chance to ride a bike across the States but thanks to Mr Zip we can follow the route on Google Maps.

Mr Zip has pieced together the locations used in the film and managed to put together a rough approximation of the route. The map itself is simple enough, showing the route in blue, with a few map markers showing the locations of the main scenes in the movie.


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