Monday, August 22, 2011

Unrest in the Arab World on Google Maps

CNN has created a time-line and Google Map of the unrest sparked by the Arab Spring.

CNN's Unrest in the Arab World allows you to click on individual countries and read an overview of events since the unrest began earlier this year. The time-line presents a chronology of the events from the anti-government protests that started in December in Tunisia up until current events.

Mibazaar's Middle East Protest Tweets Map is a little more immediate. This map lets you read the latest Tweets posted from Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

You can select to view the latest Tweets from the individual countries and sit back and watch as the latest Twitter messages from that country are shown on a Google Map.


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mover4eva said...

I would love to have a map setup like this for my site. Been searching for ages to find a map that i could use with some custom markers but this puts the icing on the cake.