Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Checking-In with Google Latitude

Google Latitude is a great location sharing application. It allows you to share your location with selected friends and to view your own location history.

Mark Laudon of Street View Funny has noticed a new feature in Latitude that I hadn't noticed before. If you select 'View and manage' from the 'History' tab you can now view an interactive graph of the distance that you travelled in any one day.

When you mouse-over the graph the map moves to your location at that time during the day and shows you the distance that you travelled. This is a pretty cool addition to the 'History' tab that lets you view your location history and provides some great statistics on how much time you spend at home, work and out & about.

The 'History' tab also keeps a record and displays a static map of all the countries that you have visited.

Google Latitude


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