Monday, August 15, 2011

Get Around London with Google Maps

London is a very large city that can be very confusing to travel around, especially if you are a visitor to the UK capital. CityMapper London can help you navigate the city by providing you with bus, subway, cycling and walking directions. Or, if you want to get a taxi, it can give you an estimated cost for your journey.

To get directions the user just needs to add their starting point and destination, either by text input or by simply clicking on the map, and then selecting the mode of travel.

If the user selects bus or tube directions CityMapper London shows you the route of your journey on Google Maps and in the sidebar explains which stops you need, any transfers you need to make, the estimated time of your journey and the cost.

The biking directions show the user the locations of London bike hire stations near your start point and how many bikes are currently available at each station.

Both the walking and biking directions give the user an estimated time for the journey and an estimation of the number of calories that will be burnt.


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