Thursday, August 04, 2011

Japanese Castles on Google Maps

Daniel O'Grady's excellent Japanese Castle Explorer has been updated to take advantage of all the new wonderful Street View imagery available for Japan.

This year the Street View trike has been very busy in Japan capturing a lot of beautiful new off-road imagery, particular in the grounds of some of Japan's castles.

The Japanese Castle Explorer is a great map that shows the locations of Japan's most famous (and plenty of lesser known) castles. The map allows you to view Japan's castles in Google Maps satellite view. Now it is also possible, where available, to view the castles in Street View.

The map is available in English and Japanese versions. You can view an example of the Street View at Himeji Castle (use the link to 'Other Castle Panoramas' in the sidebar to navigate to view other castles in Street View).

Japanese Castle Explorer


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