Tuesday, August 09, 2011

#UKRiots on Google Maps - Updated

The Guardian UK Riots Map

The London Riots Map is no longer being updated. However The Guardian has stepped into the gap with this Google Map.

The latest incidents are displayed with red markers. The Guardian has also created a Google Map of reader's photographs of the riots.

London Riots - Verified Areas

This Google My Map is attempting to map verified locations that have been affected by the London rioting and looting.

The map is showing locations that have been reported in the mainstream media. You can tweet @jamescridland if you have information from a verifiable source of an area affected.

MapTube Map

Someone has taken the KML from the London Riots - Verified Areas map and displayed it on Map Tube with the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD). The IMD is a method of identifying deprived areas across the UK.

Overlaying the locations of the riots and looting on top of the IMD layer reveals that most of the trouble is occurring more in areas with high deprivation than in more affluent locations.

London Riots Map

As London enters its third night of rioting someone has released a London Riots Map, loosely based on Ben Marsh's #UKSnow map.

The mainstream news networks in the UK have been quick to blame social network sites and BlackBerry phones for providing a medium for rioters to organise their looting and attacks on the police. The London Riots Map however clearly provides just another way to report news of the rioting, with the added advantage of being crowdsourced and almost real-time.

The map shows tweets that include the hashtag #londonriots. The #UKSnow map asked tweeters to mention a score out of 10 and a postcode in their message and it seems some Twitter users are employing a similar system to grade the scale of rioting in their Tweets.


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