Thursday, August 25, 2011

New York Evacuation Zones on Google Maps

Update: If you are looking for maps and information concerning Hurricane Sandy then check out this more recent post Crisis Response Map for Hurricane Sandy.

The New York Times' Hurricane Irene Tracking Map is probably the only map of Hurricane Irene that you will need.

This Google Map shows the projected path of the hurricane with forecasted wind speeds along the path. It is also possible to overlay the latest satellite pictures of the hurricane on top of the map.

WYNC are also using Google Maps, in their case to display New York City Evacuation Zones.

The map shows three zones in the city:
  • Zone A - with the highest risk of flooding from ANY hurricane near NYC.
  • Zone B - potential flooding from a Category 2+ hurricanes.
  • Zone C - potential flooding from a Category 3-4 hurricane hitting just south of NYC.
The map includes links to the latest official information and to WYNC's own Google Map of Hurricane Irene's projected path.


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Anonymous said...

This may be a better link for the hurricane tracker - seems to be be updated more often.