Friday, January 25, 2013

3d Property Search with Google Earth

Ever since Paul Rademacher's first Google Map's hack, Housing Maps, the Google Maps API has been one of the the most popular visualisation tools for real-estate search websites. The emergence of the Google Earth plug-in however has given real-estate search sites an even more powerful tool.

Cube Cities has developed a new concept in real-estate search, using Google Earth to provide vertical visualisations of office lease properties. The site uses the Google Earth plug-in to show the availability of office space building by building and floor by floor.

Using the Google Earth search app it is possible to quickly visualise where property is available to lease or is under construction. Using Google Earth's 3d buildings Cube Cities shades in available space in each office building allowing the user to click on the shaded areas to view details about the property and the leasing costs.


Anonymous said...

This is what Google Earth should be used for

Unknown said...

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