Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Know Your Neighborhood on Street View

Infinite Street View is a fun way to get to know your neighborhood or to explore new locations anywhere in the world (where Google Maps Street View is available).

To use the app you just need to enter an address. Infinite Street View then starts loading random static Street View images from around that location. It then loads more static Street Views and then some more and then just keeps on going.

Viewing the endless images really provides a great way to virtually explore a neighborhood. However if you want to try the app I would advise you to do so very quickly. The Street View Image API has a quota limit. My guess is that Infinite Street View is going to reach their daily quota very quickly everyday.

Hat-tip: Google Street View World


dublinstreams said...

if only they were clickable

Anonymous said...

Awesome. This is a really cool tool. I've been using it to check out neighborhoods before I make a move to a new house.