Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Create a Trip Itinerary with Google Maps

TouristPath is a great trip planning map application that was first reviewed on Google Maps Mania back in September 2012. Since then TouristPath has add a much larger database of points of interest around the world and new features such as user submitted points of interest and photos.

With TouristPath is it is possible to create and plan a trip itinerary for any destination in the world. After the user enters a desired location they are shown a Google Map of the selected destination. The map also displays a number of suggested places that are worth visiting.

To start planning your trip itinerary you just need to enter the number of days of your trip. Once you have selected the number of days a suggested itinerary and a suggested walking route is automatically displayed on the map. It is possible to select individual points of interest from the itinerary and delete them or to click on other points of interest on the map and add them to your itinerary.

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