Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Google Maps of the Week

The  wezzoo social weather application for iOS and Android allows users to share the current weather conditions where ever they are. This means that the wezzoo desktop Google Map shows the real-time weather conditions throughout the world.

Users of the mobile app can submit a weather report and upload a photo to accompany their weather report. The wezzoo social network also allows users to follow other wezzoo members, either geographically to ensure they get up-to-date nearby weather reports, or friends far away to keep in touch with the weather conditions across the world.

Thanksgiving vs Blackfriday is a nice Google Maps based visualisation of Twitter and Instagram submissions mentioning Thanksgiving and Black Friday over the 2 days of November 22 (Thanksgiving) and 23 (Black Friday) 2012 in New York City.

Thanksgiving related messages are displayed on the map with orange dots and Black Friday messages are represented by black dots. Users can click on the individual dot markers to view any of the submitted Twitter message and Instagram photos.

Tripmii is a cool desktop application that can help you organise, save and share your vacation memories and photographs.

The Tripmii online travel diary allows you to map your trips with Google Maps and create a full-screen slideshow of your holiday photographs. The application includes extensive social networking features that allow you to share your tripmii travel diary with all your friends.

Google Maps are used throughout the tripmii website. The homepage includes a prominent map that allows the user to browse all public tripmii travel diaries. Individual diaries also feature maps that show all the destinations visited on a trip and the locations of submitted photos.  

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