Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stereographic Street View Hacks

Inspired by the Prius Plug-in Virtual Drive and its clever use of stereographic Street View I've been looking once again at the streetview-stereographic code on Github.

I thought I might try and experiment with the code and see if I could create a spinning stereographic Street View. In the end however I get distracted by some of the wonderful experiments that others have already done with stereographic Street View and which the github for stereographic-streetview helpfully provides links to.

Check out the stereographic Street View hacks below (they are pretty amazing):
  1. Trippy by @flight404
  2. Heat Distortion by @notlion
  3. Faux Tilt-Shift by @voorbeeld
  4. Wulff Net by @notlion
  5. Fear & Loathing by @theowatson
  6. Random Shuffle by @notlion
  7. Abstract Random Shuffle by @notlion

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