Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Local Traffic Routing with Google Maps

ReRouteMe is a powerful route planning application for Ottawa, Toronto, and many other southern Ontario communities. The app helps drivers reduce travel times based on highly accurate, local, current conditions.

ReRouteMe gathers local data about construction, traffic conditions and weather, which it then uses to determine the optimal route. Registered members of ReRouteMe can also save their planned routes and ReRouteMe will notify them in advance if anything affects their trip.

As well as displaying suggested routes a number of other useful information can be added to the Google Map. These include local gas prices, weather, planned road works and live streams of traffic cams.

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chRon said...

This is progress! Seeing traffic on a Google map is one thing, but dynamic routing decisions based on real-time and real-world conditions is a leap forward. A mobile app is a key requirement, though. Most people need this kind of info on the go. Looking forward to the future of this technology!