Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Google Maps of the Week

I'm a huge fan of  #rorschmap, which was one my maps of the year in 2011. If it's possible I love the new #rorschmap Street View Edition even more.

It has become a bit of a cliché to say that the first thing most people do with Google Maps is zoom in on their house in satellite view. I bet however that the next thing that most Google Maps users check out is the Street View of their own home.

Well now you can also view your house in Kaleidoscope View! #rorschmap Street View Edition lets you choose any location on Google Maps and turns the available Street View into an interactive kaleidoscope.

We can't let this week pass without congratulating National Geographic on their 125th anniversary. To help celebrate the occasion National Geographic created a Google Map called A New Age of Exploration.

The project is "bringing together legendary explorers, a new generation of dynamic young researchers, and scientists in extreme environments around the world for a lively conversation with public participants ushering in A New Age of Exploration."

The Google Map allows users to explore the work of the featured researchers and scientists, with embedded photos and with written and video profiles of their work.


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