Monday, January 21, 2013

Everybody Go Surfing, Surfing Google Maps

SwellMap is a great resource for both surfers and boaters. The site includes a number of Google Maps to view the current weather conditions, including weather forecasts and swell maps.

Surfers will no doubt be most interested with the swell maps themselves which provide a great visual guide to current surf conditions.

Numbered and colored map markers show the current wave heights at surfing locations around the world. The green, orange and red icons with a number between 1 and 10 provide a quick guide to the surfing conditions and the user can mouse-over a location to get a more detailed guide and click-through to get the forecast conditions. is a growing directory of thousands of surf spots around the world.

The Google Map lets you discover new places to surf around the world. If you select a surfing location from the map you can view the location's average rating and also get information on the remoteness of the location and how crowded it normally is.

If you connect with a Facebook account you can also add and rate your own favourite surfing locations.

SwellPhone is an interesting attempt to use photos submitted to Instagram, videos on YouTube and Google Maps to provide real-time updates at surfing locations around the world.

The application aggregates photographs and videos taken around surf spots worldwide. Users can select a country, region and beach from drop-down menus and then view the location on a Google Map and see recently submitted photos and videos.

YouSpots is a Google Maps based app for finding and sharing new and exciting places to surf, skateboard, snowboard or participate in other extreme sports.

You can search YouSpots by location and sport. The results of your search are then displayed on a Google Map. You can refine the results by track length and by the steepness of the slope.

YouSpots also allows you to search by category, for example Water Sports includes the sub-categories of surfing, windsurfing, water kiting, wakeboarding, snorkelling, water skiing, scuba diving and cliff diving. 

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