Monday, January 14, 2013

National Geographic's Anniversary Hangout

Don't worry if you missed the National Geographic's Hangout yesterday on Google+ as you can now watch a recording of the conversation on video.

In the Hangout ocean explorer Robert Ballard, primatologist Jane Goodall, cave diver Kenny Broad, Crittercam engineers Greg Marshall and Kyler Abernathy, wildlife conservationist Paula Kahumbu, archaeologist Cecilia Mauricio, paleontologist Mike Archer, conflict resolution specialist Aziz Abu Sarah, biologist Krithi Karanth and research engineer Albert Lin joined NG Weekend host Boyd Matson for a conversation celebrating a new age of exploration.

The conversation includes a brief discussion about how digital maps are helping scientists in a number of different fields.

The National Geographic are also celebrating their 125th year with a Google Map called A New Age of Exploration.

The project is "bringing together legendary explorers, a new generation of dynamic young researchers, and scientists in extreme environments around the world for a lively conversation with public participants ushering in A New Age of Exploration."

The Google Map allows users to explore the work of the featured researchers and scientists.

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