Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Amazing Street View Kaleidoscope

The first thing that most people do with Google Maps is zoom in to check out their house in satellite view. I bet the next thing that most users check out is the Street View of their own home.

Now you can view your house in Kaleidoscope View!

#rorschmap was one of my favourite Google Maps apps of 2011. The map lets you zoom in on any location on Earth and, using the same principle of multiple reflection that you find in kaleidoscopes, create an animated Rorschach satellite view.

Now you can also see a kaleidoscope version of your house thanks to #rorschmap Street View Edition. Just enter your address into the app and you can drop-down the rabbit-hole and create your own kaleidoscope home!

A little tip for users of Chrome - if you type "javascript:setInterval('newLocation()',5000)" into the address bar you can get the app to change locations every 5 seconds (if you cut & paste the function you will probably have to manually type in the 'javascript:' part of the code). Change the '5000' number to change the frequency that the view refreshes. 

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