Monday, June 16, 2014

Google Maps Drone View

You can be sure that Google already has secret plans to unleash a fleet of Street View drones on the world. My guess is that Google's drones will be tasked with not only capturing aerial view imagery for Google Maps but will sniff out homes with protected wifi and remove those homes from the map forever through the judicious use of targeted missiles.

If you can't wait for Drone View imagery to officially appear on Google Maps you can instead visit TravelByDrone. TravelByDrone is a really interesting Google Map of video footage taken by drones around the world. The map includes some fascinating aerial video footage captured by people using drones equipped with video cameras.

Many of the videos featured on the map are of a very high quality and provide a unique aerial view of locations around the world. TravelByDrone already features a lot of drone captured videos. It also includes an option to submit a drone video to the map so TravelByDrone should become a great central repository of aerial videos shot by unmanned drones.

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