Sunday, June 08, 2014

Satellite Views of this Beautiful World

The Daily Overview is a collection of beautiful and interesting satellite and aerial views captured from Apple Maps' Digital Globe imagery.

Once a day The Daily Overview publishes a new aerial image found on Apple Maps. Each image includes a link to the image's map co-ordinates on Geohack, so you can click-through and view the location in context using your choice of interactive online map provider.

We often concentrate on how humans impact on and destroy the natural beauty of planet Earth. The images featured on The Daily Overview "focus on the places and moments where human activity - for better or for worse - has shaped the landscape". One of the most interesting ironies of The Daily Overview is that it presents beautiful overhead views of the human footprint on Earth, from locations that I imagine often appear quite ugly on the ground.

If The Daily Overview has piqued your interest in aerial views then you should also check-out Google Sightseeing. Since 2005 Google Sightseeing has been publishing satellite views (and Street Views) of planet Earth from Google Maps.

Google Sightseeing is almost as old as Google Maps itself, which means it has now been posting amazing satellite views of the Earth for over nine years. Google Sightseeing therefore has probably one of the most comprehensive collections of interesting and beautiful overhead images of this beautiful world.

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