Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Map Comparison Tools

Compare Maps is a new tool for comparing the maps of four of the major online map providers, Bing, Nokia, OpenStreetMap and Google. The tool in effect creates one map view out of the four different maps.

All four maps are synchronized with each other, so if you drag and zoom one of the maps the other maps will follow. The tool also includes a handy function to adjust the size of each of the four different map views. If you click and drag the red circle in the middle of the four maps you can expand any of the maps.

If you want to change the base map view of any of the maps simply drag the red circle to expand an individual map to full-screen. This will reveal the map's navigation and map controls.

Geofabrik's Map Compare is one of the better known map comparison tools. This tool also allows you to compare four different maps side-by-side.

With Map Compare you don't have the option to adjust the size of the four different map views. However Map Compare does have a wider choice of base maps. OpenStreetMap, Nokia Here, Bing and Google are all available to compare and Map Compare also allows you to view MapQuest and a number of other maps created from OpenStreetMap map data.

Buncha Maps is another map comparison tool that you can use to compare the base maps of Bing, OpenStreetMap, Google and Esri. Google Maps vs Yahoo Maps allows you to compare Google's and Yahoo's base maps side-by-side.

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