Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Shiny New Census Map

In the UK all the single people live in London, all the cyclists live in Cambridge & Oxford and all the old people live on the coast.1

I gleaned these nuggets of information from DataShine Census, a new census data explorer for the UK. A census map which I would be quite happy exploring all day. I've seen a lot of maps of census data over the years and I must say that this new map from DataShine ranks right up there among the best.

DataShine Census maps data from the 2011 UK census. What I really like about DataShine is the amount of data from the census that has been mapped. You can explore the data down to census tract level in a number of different demographic categories, including population, housing, education, employment and beliefs. Each of these categories include a number of sub-categories, so there really is a lot of data to explore on the map and a lot that can be learned about the UK and its people.


1 All the misreadings of the data here are the fault of the author and not the fault of DataShine Census.

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