Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Birth of Football

World Cup Birthplaces is a map showing where every player and manager in every team in the 2014 World Cup was born.

The map reveals some interesting facts about the birthplaces of some of the players. For example, Rio Mavuba (France) was born at sea and the majority of the Algerian team were born in France. In fact France seems to have been the birthplace for a number of players who are representing other countries. Alongside Algeria - Argentina, Cameroon, the Ivory Coast and Ghana will all be featuring players born in France..

The USA team will feature three players born in Germany and one born in Norway. On the other hand three players born in the USA will be representing other countries: Gōtoku Sakai (Japan) born in New York, Isaác Brizuela (Mexico) born in San Jose, Miguel Ángel Ponce (Mexico) born in Sacramento.

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