Monday, June 02, 2014

Visualizing the Growth of Cities with Maps

Mapping History are a Dutch company who produce mapped visualizations and films for museums and heritage organizations. These visualizations often involve animations showing the historical development of individual towns by presenting a range of maps of the towns through their history.

The Mapping History website includes a number of Google Maps which portray the growth of Dutch cities and New York by mapping the cities through the ages. Each city's mapped visualization includes a timeline which can be used to view the city's size at different points in its history.

The historical maps of each city are fairly basic, providing an overview of building plots and land use over the years. However the time-line does provide a great overview of how each city has developed through time.

Currently Mapping History has created mapped histories for Amsterdam, Gouda, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Leiden, Harlingen, Zuiderzee and New York.

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