Monday, June 30, 2014

Leaflet Map Tile Layers

One of the great features of the Leaflet mapping library is that you are able to choose from a number of available base map tiles. Today I was searching for a good base map layer for a project which I'm currently working on. Luckily I came across a great map which allows you to view a large number of available map tile layers that can be easily added to a Leaflet map.

Leaflet Providers Preview provides views of a number of OSM, MapQuest, Stamen and other map layers within a Leaflet map. The map even includes a JavaScript snippet for each layer so you can just cut and paste the code into your own Leaflet map.

Unfortunately this map doesn't include the most important map tile layer for Leaflet - the Guild Wars 2 map layer. I therefore decided to quickly create my own little Map Tiles for Leaflet Map. My map has nowhere near as many map layers as the Leaflet Providers Preview but it does include the Pelagios Roman Empire Digital Map tiles and the all important Guild Wars 2 map. If you want to use these map tiles in your own Leaflet maps you can view the code or click on the links in the map layer's attribution.

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