Friday, June 20, 2014

Urban Renewal in New York

The City of New York has adopted over 150 urban renewal plans since 1949. Over the years areas of the city have been selected for renewal because they have been designated blighted or obsolete. The city then gets federal funding for purchasing the land, moving the residents out, demolishing the structures and making way for new public and private development.

Urban Reviewer has mapped the locations of all the urban renewal plans in New York. The areas affected by the urban master plans are highlighted on the map. If you select a highlighted plan on the map you can view the original map of the plan and select individual lots within the plan to view the intended use of the lot under the planned renewal.

The map includes a date control which allows you to filter the plans shown on the map by date. It also comes with a number of search filters, which make it possible to filter the plans shown on the map by mayoral administration and by planned use. It is also possible to highlight on the map all the lots which have remained vacant.

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