Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mapping the Rising Seas

Climate Central's Surging Seas is one of the best interactive mapped visualizations of the effects of rising sea levels. It has now added even more data and visualization options for ten US states.

Surging Seas allows you to view the effects of different levels of sea level rise on an interactive map. The map includes a control which allows you to define the number of feet of sea level rise which you can view on the map. As you increase the amount of sea level rise the areas which will be effected are shaded blue on the map.

The new visualization options now allow you to add different layers to the map. For example you can add a population overlay which displays data about the number of people who live in the areas effected for each level of rising sea level. The 'ethnicity' layer provides a dot-map view showing not only the number of people effected but a racial breakdown of the people who will find their homes under water.

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