Monday, June 02, 2014

Property Search with Commuting Times

OpenRent is a new way to search for a rental property in the UK. The site includes a very useful Google Maps interface that allows you to search for properties by location, price, number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms.

The map includes a handy radial tool that allows you to define your area of search. It also includes filters to show properties where pets are allowed and properties which accept students.

The map also includes the option to search for properties within a commuting distance of a set location. You can therefore select your place of work on the map and set the time you are prepared to commute. The map will then display all the available properties within your preferred commuting time.

If you select any property on the map you can immediately see how many minutes it will take for you to commute to work from that location. All the transit stations on the map are also displayed with a numbered map marker which displays the commuting time from your selected location.

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