Friday, August 28, 2015

Mapping UK Immigration Levels

Yesterday the UK government released figures showing that net migration (the balance between immigration and emigration) in the last year has reached its highest ever level of 330,000.

1 in 8 UK residents were born overseas. In my neighborhood in East London over half the population was born outside the UK. Four other London boroughs also have populations where over 50% of the residents were born overseas.

The Office of National Statistics has released an interactive map which allows you to view the percentage of the population in each local authority area who were born outside the UK. The What are migration levels like in your area? map uses data from the 2014 Population Survey to present a choropleth view of migrant levels in each local authority area.

You can search the map by Local Authority area. If you mouse-over an area on the map you can view the percentage of the population who were born overseas.

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