Monday, August 10, 2015

The Walking Dead on Google Maps

Zombies have now taken over most of the known world. However there is still hope. If you can survive just 30 days of quarantine within your own zombie infected neighborhood then help will arrive.

Prove that you have the necessary zombie survival skills by surviving for just one month and you will be extracted from your home town and welcomed into the safety of our zombie-free haven.

Corpseburg is a Google Maps based zombie survival game. Enter a location into Corpseburg and you will find yourself abandoned on a zombie infected Google Map. Your object is to survive by scavenging for food, weapons & defensive supplies. You will of course have to kill a zombie or two as well.

To help you scavenge for supplies you can scout the Google Map of your location. If your scouting skills are adequate you will find that your map lights up with local stores, restaurant and businesses (thanks to the Google Places API). Explore these abandoned locations and you might just find the necessary supplies to last the next thirty days.

If you want to survive the zombie apocalypse then you might also want to bookmark the Map of the Dead. Just enter your address into Map of the Dead and you are presented with a handy map displaying the zombie danger zones around your home.

The map also displays nearby places (from Foursquare) that are likely to have the resources that you will need to survive in your fight against the undead.

Before facing up to to the zombie hordes you should get in some zombie killing practice. Class 3 Outbreak is a neat Google Maps based zombie outbreak simulator that will help prepare you for the dangers of the road.

C3O gives players the impossible task of holding back waves of zombies with a hopelessly outnumbered police force. Your job is to stamp out infections as they appear on the map, and try to staunch the zombie threat for as long as possible.

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