Monday, August 31, 2015

Patterns of Longitude

Enter your address into A Place to Departure and you can create your very own work of art. The artwork that you create is a pattern generated from your latitude and longitude. This means that no-one else in the whole world will have the same pattern as you.

A Place to Departure is an experiment in creating Location Based Generative Art. The main focus of this art project was the creation of two art installations, one in Beijing, China, and the other in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The installations consisted of a large interactive glass screen placed in each city. When a person touched the glass screen in Beijing or Sao Paulo the glass screen in the other city would vibrate at the equivalent point on the glass.

The result was that people in either city could feel the interactions of people on the other side of the world.

The glass screens were accompanied by patterns made from wood. These patterns were created by algorithms based on the geographic coordinates of where the installations were located. The A Place to Departure website includes a Google Map which allows you to create your own location based pattern by simply typing in an address.

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