Monday, August 17, 2015

The Sleep Map of America

Jawbone has been busy mapping the sleeping patterns of Americans. Using data from one million users of the UP wearable activity tracker Jawbone has created an interactive map of the average bedtime by US county and a map of the total hours of sleep by county.

In Which Cities Get the Most Sleep you can view the bedtimes of Americans in each county across the country. The map reveals an interesting geographical pattern that seems to suggest the further east you live in the USA the more likely you are to stay up late. The map also reveals that residents of cities and student towns in general have later bedtimes.

The map also includes US time zones. This again reveals an interesting pattern as we can see that those living in counties furthest west in a time zone are likely to go to bed later. This is presumably due to the later sunset times as you move west in a time zone.

The second map shows the total number of hours by sleep in each county, This map seems to confirm that city dwellers don't just go to bed later but also get the least amount of sleep. People living in suburban and rural counties tend to get more sleep than their city cousins.

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