Monday, August 17, 2015

My Name is Hunt - I Don't Want to Die

Today I woke up groggy and confused on a construction site in Rio de Janeiro. I have no idea how I came to be here. Worse than that, I appear to have lost my memory.

That's right, I also have no idea who I am.

In my pocket I found a letter. The letter explains that I have been injected with a virus that is slowly killing me. The only way to save my life is to follow the clues which will lead me to a number of antidotes hidden around the city.

If I wish to survive the day I have no option but to follow the bidding of my unknown tormentor. I must navigate myself around this strange city and find the antidotes which will save my life. My only hope is that on my journey I can also pick-up some clues as to my own identity and to that of my evil puppet master.

Welcome to the world of My Name is Hunt.

Head Carnival in Rio is the first chapter in a new Street View based text adventure game called My Name is Hunt. In the game you have to follow a number of clues to stay alive. Each textual clue is accompanied by a Street View image showing you where you are in your search for numerous antidote syringes which have been hidden around Rio de Janeiro.

Each clue is also accompanied by two (or more) paths for you to choose from. Choose wisely as each turn you take in this game costs you a little health. If your health reaches zero before you find an antidote then you will die.

Head Carnival in Rio is just the first chapter in the epic My Name is Hunt interactive fiction. The next chapter is coming soon ....

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