Friday, August 07, 2015

The Interactive Ant Map

Antmaps is a new interactive map visualizing and interacting with the Global Ant Biodiversity Informatics database of ant species around the world. The map from the University of Hong Kong allows you to view the distribution of ants across the globe.

The initial choropleth view shows the number of different species of ants in regions around the world. For example, Queensland in Australia has 1,458 native species of ants. Select Queensland on the map and you can view the names of all 1,458 ant species native to the area.

The 'Species Range' map view allows you to visualize the spatial distribution of different ant genus. You can select an ant species from the drop-down menus or by directly typing in an ant species name.

The 'Region Comparison' option allows you to see how a region's fauna is distributed across other regions in the world.

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