Friday, August 21, 2015

Where Tourists in Spain Spend their Money

The Spanish banking group BBVA has teamed up with Vizzuality to map out how tourists spend their money in Spain. The Footprints of Spain’s tourists in Summer 2014 map uses anonymized credit card transaction data to show when and where tourists in Spain spend their holiday money.

The visualization includes an animated heat-map which shows the volume of spending across Spain over time. I guess the map therefore also provides a fairly accurate guide as to the most popular tourist destinations in Spain.

A small inset map allows you to select from a number of cities and regions to view a top 5 list of countries. Tourists from these countries spend the most money at the selected destination. Another mapped visualization allows you to select a country to see where tourists from that country most visit in Spain. It also appears to show their movements around the country.

If you select the 'trends' tab you can also see how tourists from each country spend their money. This section allows you to select a category, such as hotels, bars & restaurants, transportation etc, and view a chart of which country's tourists spend the most in that category. You can also select an individual country to view a breakdown of how tourists from that country spend their money. For example, tourists from the USA spend 28% of their holiday money in restaurants while in Spain.

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