Friday, August 07, 2015

Which Team Should You Support?

The new season of the English Premier League kicks-off tomorrow. This season the EPL is introducing a new rule to overcome one of the major problems currently besetting the game. In order to eradicate the much maligned 'London Reds' syndrome this year football fans will only be permitted to enter a football stadium if they live in the team's catchment area.

Every football fan knows that you should support your local team. There is also a general disdain within the game for 'glory hunting' fans who pick a football team based on the team's success.

This year if you wish to attend a football game you will have to produce proof that you live near that football ground. If you don't already know which English Premier League team you should support you can use this Which Team Should I Support map.

The map uses a voronoi overlay which divides England and Wales into areas assigned to the closest Premier League teams. You can therefore use the map to quickly see which football team you should be supporting. You can also enter your address into the map to see which team's catchment area you currently live in.

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