Thursday, August 06, 2015

Who Will Miss Jon Stewart?

As Jon Stewart prepares to sit behind the Daily Show desk for the last time a new Google Trends map shows us where he will be missed the most.

The Jon Stewart in Search Interest map suggests that the comedian will not be missed very much in Texas. This choropleth map shows the regional search interest in Jon Stewart between 2010 and 2015. On the map each region is colored to show how it ranks out of 200 regions in terms of the number of people searching for Jon Stewart on Google.

In general Texans seem to be searching a lot less for Jon Stewart than other Americans. Although, to be fair to Texans, the comedian doesn't seem to be that popular in much of the south. His popularity seems most high in the north and in the west of the USA.

If yo want to create your own maps based on Google search trends then you should check out the Google Trends Data Store.

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