Wednesday, April 11, 2018

America's News Deserts

Wikipedia's List of Defunct Newspapers of the United States includes the names of over 1,000 newspapers which are no longer in print. Many of these papers collapsed decades ago. However a large proportion of these newspapers are victims of the loss of 50% of print newspaper readers in the last 20 years.

Last year the Colombia Journalism Review mapped out America's Growing News Deserts. Their map shows the number of local newspapers left in each county in the United States. One thing that the map reveals is that a lot of counties no longer have a single local newspaper in print.

Ohio University has now released a new interactive map which visualizes the circulation of daily newspapers and the percentage of the population that subscribe to newspapers. The Media Deserts Map includes two choropleth layers. One layer shows the number of daily newspapers in a county and the other shows the circulation penetration. Using the map it is possible to see the number of daily newspapers in a county and the percent of the population (over the age of 18) who are reading them.

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