Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Australia's Solar Potential Map

A new interactive map from the University of New South Wales, the Australian Photovoltaic Institute, Solar Analytics and Enosi shows the potential for rooftop solar power for homes in a number of Australian cities. The SunSPoT Solar Potential Map allows home owners to zoom in on their homes to work how much energy they might be able to generate by installing rooftop solar panels.

If you zoom in on your home on the map you can draw around the outline of your roof. SunSPoT will then automatically work out an estimation of the potential power that could be generated from solar power and the value of all that energy. If you click on the 'rack mounting' button you can experiment with the tilt and direction of your future solar panels to view how this might effect their solar potential.

You can find out how many homes already have solar power on another interactive map. The Australian Photovoltaic Installations map visualizes the estimated percentage of dwellings that have a PV system and the total photovoltaic capacity installed for each each postcode and local government area in Australia. Select an area on this map and you can view an estimation of the total number of dwellings, the number of dwellings with PV installations and the annual energy generated from PV in the area.

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