Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Map of Your Heart

There are a few online sellers of customized map posters. For example Mapiful allows you to create and order large prints of your favorite locations around the world. Map Poster similarly allows you to create and buy your own map poster for any location that you choose. You can even create and design a beautiful map background for your phone with Alvar Carto's Map Backgrounds.

Happy Maps has a nice unique take on the customized map poster market. Happy Maps features the same easy to use tools for making a customized map as Mapiful and Map Poster. However a Happy Map creates a heart shaped map. A Happy Map would therefore make a great map present for your significant other, featuring the place where you first met, proposed or got married.

Grafomap is another website where you can create high quality personalized map posters. Using the customized Grafomap map tool you can search for any place in the world and design your own map poster featuring your chosen location.

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