Monday, April 09, 2018

Hungarian Election Maps

Hungary’s anti-immigration Fidesz party has gained a spectacular victory in the Hungarian national election. Viktor Orbán has won a third consecutive term as Prime Minister. Orbán's Fidesz party campaigned almost exclusively on the supposed dangers that Hungary faces from immigration.

The only interactive map of the election that I could find is in the daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet. The map spectacularly visualizes Orbán's almost complete clean sweep outside of Budapest. The small inset map showing Budapest shows that the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) and Together (Együtt) did at least have some success in the capital.

If Orbán manages to win 133 of the parliament’s 199 seats he will achieve what is known as a super-majority. This will allow him to make changes to the Hungarian constitution. Orbán has already taken over much of the media in Hungary and with a super-majority the opposition parties are worried that he will start making anti-democratic changes to the constitution.

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