Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Mapping Every Power Plant in the World

Resource Watch is a new platform for hosting and sharing data related to the Earth’s resources and how they are used. The data can be used to visualize the challenges facing the planet and its people, from climate change to poverty and from water risk to human migration.

All the data on Resource Watch is free to download and use for your own analysis (precise license details are attached to each set of data). There are currently 207 different data-sets available, all of which can be explored on the Resource Watch interactive map. If you select a data-set from the sidebar you can add it to the interactive map. If you click on the 'details' button attached to a data-set you can explore the data using different visualization tools such as charts and tables.

The many founding partners of Resource Watch include Bloomberg, Carto, Google and Climate Central. The data-sets come from more than 30 trusted organizations around the world. The data is being curated by World Resources Institute experts to ensure that all data is either peer reviewed or based on a transparent established methodology.

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