Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Free To Be in Delhi & Sydney

CrowdSpot is an interactive map based surveying tool. The platform is designed to elicit community feedback about locations in order to help enable better decision making. The platform can be customized to enable users to identify locations or to get them to vote about specific locations.

CrowdSpot has been used to get feedback on a number of different issues, including identifying locations where cyclists feel unsafe, to identify where transportation could be improved and to gain citizen feedback on city transit plans. It has also been used by women's groups to try to identify locations where women feel safe and unsafe.

Free to Be in Melbourne customized the CrowdSpot platform to discover how girls and women feel in Melbourne's public spaces. The interactive map based survey asked girls and women to identify the places they love, the places they avoid, where they feel safe and locations which could be improved in the city. Over 10,000 people visited the website and over 1,300 locations in Melbourne were identified on the map.

Following the success of the Melbourne project Free to Be is now looking for girls and women in Sydney to share their experiences of that city. Free to Be Sydney allows girls and women to identify 'good' or 'bad' spots in Sydney and to add their stories about different Sydney locations to the map. You can also browse the map to view all the good and bad locations added by other users.

Free to Be is also being launched in the capital of India. Free to Be Delhi works in exactly the same way as the Sydney and Melbourne maps. Girls and women can identify places in the city where they fell safe or unsafe by simply dropping pins on the crowd-sourced map. Free to Be hasn't stopped there either. It is now also available in Lima, Madrid and Kampala. In all these locations girls and women can now share how they feel in different locations in their own cities.

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